The current state of the housing market is heavily influenced by the number of homes available for sale. If you’re contemplating listing your house, the limited supply of homes on the market offers a significant advantage. Your property stands out more in a low-inventory environment, especially if it’s appropriately priced.

However, it’s essential to recognize that the supply of homes for sale is increasing. According to the latest data from, new listings are on the rise. This trend indicates that more homeowners are putting their houses up for sale compared to the same time last year.

This graph shows more homeowners are putting that sale sign up in their yards compared to the same time last year. As says:

“. . . sellers turned out in higher numbers this March as newly listed homes were 15.5% above last year’s levels. This marked the fifth month of increasing listing activity after a 17-month streak of decline.”


What Does This Mean for You? If you’ve been delaying selling your house, now might be the time to reconsider—before your neighbors beat you to it. While we’re not expecting a sudden flood of homes on the market, each new listing in your area poses a risk of diverting buyer attention away from your property.

For instance, if your neighbor lists their house, you’ll suddenly have competition right next door. You don’t want buyers to visit your home and then fall in love with someone else’s. You want yours to shine in the spotlight.

A skilled real estate agent can make this happen. They’ll assist you in preparing your home for listing, highlighting all the features that today’s buyers are seeking, and ensuring it’s priced competitively. This way, your listing will attract genuine interest from buyers eager to make it their own.

If you’re ready to sell now, you have an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. While the supply of homes for sale is increasing, you’ll still be able to sell your home while it stands out among the competition.

In Summary Even though inventory remains low, it’s wise not to wait for more competition to emerge in your neighborhood. Let’s connect to discuss the advantages of selling before additional homes hit the market.